Petition letter

Sent 7th December 2018

To the honourable Minister for Higher Education and Science, Chairman of the board of Independent Research Foundation Denmark, Director of the Novo Nordisk Foundation, Directors of the Velux Foundations, Chairman of the Carlsberg Foundation and Chairman of the Lundbeck foundation,

We challenge the Danish major funding bodies to improve gender equality in Science.

In 10 weeks, 425 signatures have been collected from the promote me campaign which have been forwarded in this petition list (attached pdf file).

We have collected facts and data that show gender inequality exists in Denmark and it affects the number of women obtaining grants. There is also evidence to suggest that gender-biased decision occurs. We see there are far too few women represented on the boards of the councils and committees that review grants.

You can read more in more detail at

Here we have gathered a collection of signatures to support our cause and what we seek from you is the following:

  • We seek improved awareness within the councils of gender-biased decision making.
  • We are asking for equal success rates of women’s grants compared to men’s grants.
  • We are asking for Danish funding councils to be comprised of 50% women.
  • We request for greater visibility in gender distributions of grants in annual reports.
  • We seek more anonymization in the grant review process.

We hope that you will begin to initiate these changes which we believe will help to bridge the gender gap in Science and improve chances of grant success for women.

From the supporters of the promote me campaign 2018.

The petition part of this campaign comes to a close, although the website will remain open to give feedback to the supporters relating to updates and response related to the requests for change.