This campaign was launched on Friday 28th Sept 2018 and developed by a researcher from University of Copenhagen, Vanessa Hall. A band of individuals have also helped to form the campaign into what it is today, giving great feedback and tremendous support throughout the process. A new initiative will also soon form. A scientific network aimed at promoting Danish women scientists, that will form and stand behind future initiatives such as these. If you wish to be an active contributor in the formation of this network, please contact us by email.

The signing of the petition closed 7th December 2018.

425 signatures were collected over a period of 10 weeks.

The petition letter was forwarded with the list of names to the Minister of Higher Education and Science and senior members of the major grant foundations on the 7th December 2018.

Its a fantastic sign of the support the community has for this campaign.

An update page with any feedback responses from the granting bodies and Minister will be made available to show their opinions and any changes they intend to make, or implement that relate to the petition requests.